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Social Good In Action

Every year 1.4 billion people travel the world in search of new experiences. Most of them want to travel responsibly, to have a positive impact on the places they visit, and feel like they have witnessed the beating heart of the communities that welcome them in. In many ways, you are that beating heart.

The KeyoCoin Social Good Platform is a global initiative exploring the power of travel for social good. Our mobile platform is designed to take the best intentions of these 1.4 billion travelers and translate them into greater awareness, action, and donations for thousands of nonprofits all around the world.

We give nonprofits the tools to:

Build Awareness

Speak directly to a vast and sprawling community of curious travelers and like-minded locals.

Drive Action

Turn interest into action with a mobile map of on-demand volunteering opportunities and a unique reward program.

Raise Money

Welcome donations in any currency, from any country, including a secure wallet for cryptocurrency donations.

Are you a nonprofit, community foundation or higher education institution?

Key Product Features

Nonprofit Profile

Set up a global shopfront for your organization, and put your mission on the map.

Key Product Features


Find the right people for the job with our on-demand mobile volunteering platform.

Key Product Features


Fuss-free fundraising with our secure plug-and-play wallet for cryptocurrency donations.

Key Product Features

Rewards Program

Incentivize people to do good with a rewards program built using blockchain technology.

Key Product Features

Mission HQ

A powerful dashboard for nonprofits to set up, monitor and manage campaigns.

Key Product Features

Good Deed App

A live map of the local area, with hundreds of good deeds ready to be done that day.

We're Here to Do Good

Technology designed to help you solve the world’s problems

How It Works
  • Profile

    Create a free profile to tell others about your mission, objectives, and activities.

  • Campaigns

    Build a campaign around a goal, be it a fundraising target or volunteering hours.

  • Actions

    Establish a clear call to action showing travelers and locals how they can help.

  • Rewards

    Consider adding a reward, be that KeyoCoin or sponsor rewards, or simply good karma.

  • Tracking

    Track the success of your campaign and celebrate top contributors.

  • Community

    Stay in touch with your new community wherever in the world they go next.

What We Solve

a. Tech that turns hope into help

Problem Problem

Travelers and locals both want to help the communities they visit and live in, but most don’t know where to start, while the research required can be a major barrier

Solution Solution

A clear and dynamic map-based view of the live social good campaigns and activities available in the local area, available to everyone

Benefit Benefit

Unlock the awesome potential of people in your area that are actively searching for a way to get involved, right now

b. A ‘consumer first’ approach

Problem Problem

Some prefer to give money, some prefer to give time, but few have much of either to spare

Solution Solution

A flexible platform so people can find nonprofits searching for exactly what they have to offer

Benefit Benefit

Greater engagement from a much wider community. An open ‘every little helps’ approach

c. Everything on-demand

Problem Problem

Most nonprofits focus on committed long term supporters, but younger generations want spontaneous bitesize involvement

Solution Solution

An on-demand app helping people get involved at the drop of a hat, with tools to help build longer term relationships

Benefit Benefit

Earn the trust and support of good people you never knew existed, from all over the world

d. Giving that gives back

Problem Problem

Many people give their time freely to the causes they care about, but sometimes we need a little nudge to do the right thing

Solution Solution

Millions of people play the lottery for selfish reasons. Harness this behaviour for social good, with rewards based activism

Benefit Benefit

Incentivize a huge community of travelers to get out and do the good work they say they want to. "Do good. It’s rewarding."

e. Travel as a force for good

Problem Problem

34% of travelers want authentic local experiences, but tourism is rarely ‘real’. The industry seldom shows the reality of life in a country. Nonprofits are uniquely placed to fill this education gap

Solution Solution

A safe and context sensitive platform for conversations about the challenges facing local communities, with a clear call to action for those that want to help

Benefit Benefit

An energized community of responsible, informed and mindful travelers, spreading the word of your good works around the world

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Smaller footprints, more rewarding experiences

Social Good Action Examples

The Social Impact Travel App

Discover on-demand volunteering opportunities, take part in social awareness campaigns, and join voluntourism groups that benefit nonprofits. All while rewarding you for doing good and making a positive impact!

KeyoPass App

Cryptocurrency Donations

A fuss-free tool for easy cryptocurrency donations

  • Receive a free online dashboard and crypto wallet.

  • Add a Donate Crypto button to your profile.

  • All donations are tracked on the blockchain Coming Soon

Do good, feel good, get rewarded

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