The Donate Your Genitalia Challenge

Krabi, Thailand

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As the legend says, a woman was stuck there and waited her whole life in the gave for her husband to return, now people and fisherman leave statue offerings for a safe trip that look like male genitalia. Go to the cave and leave a statue offering and take a picture of it. Send the statue picture to us.


Phra Nang Cave

According to legend, Phra Nang was an Indian princess who was killed in a shipwreck. In another tale, Phra Nang was the wife of a fisherman who was lost at sea. She lived out the rest of her days in the cave, awaiting her husband’s return.Today, local fisherman and boatmen leave offerings in Phra Nang cave to ensure safe travel on the sea. These offers take the form of male genitalia - the cave is covered in many “linga”, or phallic-shaped statues meant to represent the Hindu god Shiva.


Phra Nang Beach, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi Chang Wat Krabi, Thailand

The Donate Your Genitalia Challenge

Krabi, Thailand