The Choral Arts Link Challenge

Nashville, United States

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Go to the Choral Arts Link office and ask for a brochure. Take a picture with the staff while holding the brochure and post it on your Facebook page. Caption your post with Choral Arts Link mission statement to help spread awareness about the organization, and don't forget to add #choralartslink to your post!


Choral Arts Link, Inc.

Choral Arts Link, Inc. became what it is today based on several projects launched for students and teachers. After recruiting local music teachers and developing a strong youth chorus known as The MET Singers, the organization has worked to support children who are public, private, and home school students. In addition to offering opportunities to students, participating music educators receive hands-on choral development training.


Choral Arts Link, Inc., 460 10th Cir N, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

The Choral Arts Link Challenge

Nashville, United States