The Our Little Ones Barcelona Challenge

Barcelona, Spain

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Help our abandoned furry friends to find an adoption family by spreading the message. Visit Our Little Ones Barcelona, spend time with the animals, and post a photo of you and the dogs on Instagram to encourage people to adopt not shop. Make sure to add #OurLittleOnesBarcelona when you post!


Our Little Ones Barcelona

Our Little Ones Association helps abandoned and/or mistreated dogs to find an adoptive family. We have no refuge, we work thanks to the shelters while we find a definitive place for the hairy. We also do not receive any kind of help so we finance ourselves thanks to the partners and donations. Dogs are only given for adoption in Catalonia.


Our Little Ones, Passeig de Cordelles, 29 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès Barcelona Spain

The Our Little Ones Barcelona Challenge

Barcelona, Spain