The Tantalize Your Taste Buds Challenge

Lima, Peru

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Somehow have dinner at Astrid and Gaston, Lima's most famous (and exclusive) restaurant...don't forget to show us the proof before you eat it all!


Astrid & Gastón Restaurant

Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche founded their eponymous restaurant in a small house in the district of Miraflores in 1994 upon finishing their culinary studies in Paris. At first, the restaurant was quite French, but over time, it became decidedly Peruvian as Astrid & Gastón embraced their culture and flavors, experimenting with local ingredients and recipes with one goal in mind, to promote Peruvian cuisine around the world.


Av. Paz Soldan 290, San Isidro 15073, Peru

The Tantalize Your Taste Buds Challenge

Lima, Peru