The Fundacion ProAves de Colombia Challenge

Bogotá, Colombia

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First, head over to Fundación ProAves de Colombia. Once you arrive, stand in front of their office building and record a short video stating five ways people can help protect and conserve the habitats of critically endangered species in Colombia. Send us the video to complete the challenge.


Fundacion ProAves de Colombia

Conservación Colombiana is a scientific journal launched in 2006 and published by Fundación ProAves. The main topic of the journal is the ecology and status of threatened bird species in Colombia.

Fundación ProAves has supported numerous conservation initiatives in the past and is encouraging its own researchers and others to convert informal reports and other publications into a more formal setting and make such materials available to a wider audience. Articles are published in Spanish and English.

Although a majority of the articles in the editions to date are by researchers who have been supported by, or who work with, ProAves, the editors welcome articles from researchers at other institutions and organizations.


Fundacion ProAves de Colombia, Cra. 20 #36-61, Bogotá, Colombia

The Fundacion ProAves de Colombia Challenge

Bogotá, Colombia