The Special Souvenir Challenge

Zhangjiajie, China

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If you're an art lover then this challenge is for you! Enjoy the unique paintings at Zhangjiajie Junsheng Painting Institute and go grab yourself a souvenir at the gift shop. Send us a photo of you with and your purchase.


Zhangjiajie Junsheng Painting Institute

Reputed to be a form of "green painting" and "environmental protection painting" in art circles, Junsheng Sandstone Painting is regarded as ”the special pride of Hunan”. It is highly rated and prized by art collectors. In fact, it is considered the precious gift that the Hunan Provincial Government present to all guests at home and abroad.


2 Ziwu Rd, Yongding Qu, Zhangjiajie Shi, Hunan Sheng, China, 427000

The Special Souvenir Challenge

Zhangjiajie, China