The Qiao Marriage Challenge

Pingyao, China

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Walk around the Qiao's Family Compound and in the museum, you'll find a re-enactment of how weddings are done by the family. Imitate its pose with another tourist and send the photo to us.


Qiao's Family Compound (Qiao Jia Dayuan)

The Qiao Family Compound, originally the Zaizhong Hall and officially Qiao's Grand Courtyard, is a courtyard house located in Qi County, Jinzhong Prefecture, Shanxi Province, China, approximately 18 miles (30 kilometers) northeast of Pingyao.


China, Shanxi, Jinzhong, Qixian, Xichang St, 东观镇乔家堡村

The Qiao Marriage Challenge

Pingyao, China