The Night Munch Challenge

Pingyao, China

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Visit the Ming and Qing Dynasties Street at night and go on an ultimate street food trip. Send us a video of you enjoying your meal!


Ming and Qing Dynasties Street

Ming Qing Street is sited in the center of Pingyao Ancient Town, Shanxi Province, China. This street, named for the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has been the main commercial avenue in Pingyao for centuries. Hundreds of shops line along this busy street. Most of them were constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Also called Nanda Jie or South Street, Ming-Qing Street is home to many one-story courtyard houses and compounds with rooms built around a series of courtyards, and a number of the main tourist sites.


South St, Pingyao Xian, Jinzhong Shi, Shanxi Sheng, China, 031100

The Night Munch Challenge

Pingyao, China