The Lend a Hand Bahamas Challenge

Nassau, Bahamas

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Go to Lend a Hand Bahamas's website and sign up to volunteer with the organization! Get a photo with a two other volunteers during your time assisting and post it on your FB Wall with #LendaHandBahamas to complete this social good activity!


Lend a Hand Bahamas

The idea to create Lend A Hand Bahamas (LAHB) came from a partnership that was formed in the Fall of 2013 between three individuals. All three individuals realized that they wanted to benefit the children in the Bahamas, and shared the vision of a community center in the Grant's Town area of Nassau, Bahamas.

Thus, Edmund Dorsett, Valentino Brown, and Lucas Metropulos set off on a mission to fundraise and plan for this future community centre. Together they decided that they wanted an independent Bahamian nonprofit organization to manage and operate this future community center.

The organization was officially incorporated in October 2014, and youth programming began in the community and elsewhere in the Bahamas while the Center was being completed.


Lewis St, Nassau, The Bahamas

The Lend a Hand Bahamas Challenge

Nassau, Bahamas