The Bahamas Red Cross Challenge

Nassau, Bahamas

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Go to Bahamas Red Cross website and sign up to volunteer to assist in hurricane relief efforts, youth programs, or any other current need the organization may have at this time. Take a picture with the staff during your volunteer session and post the photo on your Facebook Wall or Instagram with #BahamasRedCross to complete this social good activity!


Bahamas Red Cross

The Bahamas branch of the International Red Cross began its work in 1939 under the auspices of the British Red Cross. The original purpose was to serve the relief needs of Allied troops in the vicinity and particularly those stationed in The Bahamas. In 1945, as World War II ended, priorities shifted from treating wounded soldiers and sailors to treating and controlling disease and malnutrition. The Red Cross fell naturally into service in these areas and established a number of services to aid and care for children, the Center for Deaf Children among them.


John F Kennedy Drive, Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas Red Cross Challenge

Nassau, Bahamas