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The Ban Plastic Bags Beyond Quezon City Challenge!

Raising Awareness for SDG14 and LifeBelowWater

The Local Story

The Philippines is the third biggest source of plastic leaking into the world’s seas, just behind China and Indonesia. By 2025, the UN is aiming to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities as part of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG14.1).

In 2012, Quezon City was among the first cities in the Philippines to regulate the use of plastic bags. The program was a success, but other regions are dragging their feet, and a full nationwide ban remains a pipe dream. The residents of Quezon City have the power and the experience to show the rest of the Philippines how it’s done!

The Campaign: #SDG14QUEZON

Campaigners around the Philippines used the KeyoPass Social Good Travel Platform to raise awareness of plastic pollution. By encouraging users to post photos on Instagram of the ocean in its fragile glory they put pressure on other cities to impose similar restrictions on the use of plastic bags.

The goal was simple: raise awareness of SDG14 (LifeBelowWater) and show that one small city can make a difference to neighbouring cities, causing a domino effect around the world.

Crowd engagement is the missing ingredient of the multi-stakeholder concept

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

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The Impact

Our social good awareness campaign hashtag of #SDG14Quezon is currently the #1 city focused SDG14 campaign anywhere in the world! Hundreds of people have taken part in the campaign (and counting), posting their own content on Instagram, helping to spread awareness of the SDG's, and assisting in sending a vital message to save our oceans and life below water!

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