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Quezon City HomeOwner’s Association Plastic Scavenger Hunt Campaign

A mission to ensure the health of our environment, oceans, and planet - one neighborhood at a time

The Local Story

The Victoria Subdivision HomeOwner’s Association is a community organization in Quezon City, Philippines, with a mission to enhance the quality of life in their surrounding neighborhoods through the support of local initiatives that strengthen bonds amongst residents; in tandem with supporting activities that promote common good for the entire country of the Philippines. The organization is regularly in search for passionate volunteers to assist in their mission of creating a better community, while enriching the lives of their association members.

The Campaign

The Victoria Subdivision HomeOwner’s Association created a powerful yet simple campaign on the KeyoPass Social Good Travel Platform, inviting locals and travelers to create ‘Scavenger Hunt Teams’ that would participate in a volunteer activity to collect as much plastic waste around the city that they could find. The association used our platform to make their social good activity fun, interactive, impactful, and rewarding - with the team collecting the most plastic waste winning a pizza party!

The campaign had two goals: first, to encourage volunteers to take action, clean up the city, collect plastic waste, and give some of their time to the cause. And second, to raise awareness of the UN’s SDG14 goal: ‘protecting life below water’. In particular, the campaign hoped to prove the positive difference that technology can have on recruiting volunteers, driving action, and helping to achieve the objectives of SDG14.

The Impact

The campaign brought 3 ‘Scavenger Hunt Teams’ with a total of 29 volunteers together to collect plastic waste in Quezon City, included everything from plastic soda bottles to bleach containers, plastic grocery bags, food wrappers, water bottles, and other plastic related items. Volunteers traveled from within Quezon City, Bacoor City, Valenzuela City, and even as far away as Pangasinan - all to participate in the plastic scavenger hunt challenge, collect plastic waste, and turn in as much plastic as possible to nearby recycling centers.

The teams successfully collected 32 kilos of plastic for nearby recycling centers, removed plastic waste from 10 heavy traffic areas around Quezon City, and along the way - the campaign created a community of like-minded people that now plan to gather regularly to help the environment and their local communities.

The KeyoPass Social Good Travel Platform successfully brought together volunteers from different regions of the Philippine, and also amplified the good work of the volunteers through social media, with posts of their campaign collecting over 1,000 interactions on Instagram alone.

The event had a strong social dimension, especially with the diverse background of traveling volunteers, which helped to spread the SDG14 message far and wide, while also having a positive impact on the youth in the community.

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